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Waterfalls in Adilabad

The scenic beauty of Adilabad and nearby hills, forests and waterfalls is mesmerising! Adilabad is actually a hub of waterfalls --- some frequented by local visitors and tourists while others flowing fervently at secluded forest hills.

Some of the Popular Waterfalls in Adilabad

Kuntala waterfalls, Gayatri waterfalls, Kanakai waterfalls and Pochera waterfalls are some of the famous waterfalls of Adilabad. The region around these waterfalls are picnic spots which make for a lovely outing with family and friends.

Kuntala Waterfall

Kuntala Falls

Located on river Kadem (neredigonda Mandal) in Kuntala, this waterfall is the highest waterfall in Telangana . It falls from a height of 147 ft. (45 metres).

Legend Associated With Kuntala Waterfall

Well, legends bestow a streak of wonder in your trip and you want to discover more about the historical past of the place you are visiting! It is believed that Kuntala waterfalls owes its name to Shakuntala, wife of King Dushyanth - who fell in love with each other in these pristine surroundings hundreds of years ago. Shakuntala used to bathe under this waterfall.

How to reach Kuntala Waterfall

Locals in Hyderabad live to visit Kuntala waterfalls during weekends and holidays. Post monsoon season is the best time to visit this place. You can drive down to the Entry Point of the waterfall. From here, you have to walk down the steps to reach the bottom of the waterfall. It is around 10 minutes distance to the falls.

As for buses, you can reach up to Neredikonda and then hire a private vehicle. Base stations are Nirmal and Adilabad.
  • Adilabad Railway Station: 57 Kms.
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport: 280 Kms

Gayatri Waterfall

Waterfalls in Adilabad
The spot around Gayatri waterfalls does not enjoy too many footfalls since the waterfall is inside dense forests, about 5 kms. from village Tarnam Khurd (near Neredigonda) in adilabad district. It is also known as Gadidha Gundam or Mukdi Gundam among the villagers. The water plunges from a height of 100 ft. on Kadem river (tributary of Godavari river). If you are keen to watch the waterfalls from close quarters, do take a local villager with you lest you will get lost in the forest!

How to Reach Gayatri Waterfall

Neredigonda is around 257 kms. from Hyderabad (on NH-7), on your way to Adilabad on the National Highway. 6 kms. from Adilabad, you will reach Kupti village. Turn towards Tarnam village to the right. You will have to drive 2 kms. on a dirt road to reach Tarnam Khurd village.

Kanakai Waterfall

The Kanakai waterfall is located in Girnoor village (Bazarhatnoor Mandal) of Adilabad district. It is also popularly known as Kanakadurga waterfall. There is a temple of Kanak Durga here where devotees come to offer prayers.

Tourist Spots Near Kanakai Waterfall

  • Cheekati Gundam
  • Golusula Waterfall
  • Bandrev waterfal

How to reach Kanakai Waterfall

From Hyderabad, on your way to Adilabad (on NH-7, drive to Ichoda which is about 270 kms. From Ichoda (11kms. from Tarnam Khurd), turn towards Bazarhaatnoor passing through Adegaon Khurd, Pipri and Girnur villages. About 1 km. from Girnur, turn left on the kuchha road road which leads to the temple and also the waterfall. From here, you will have to walk down to the waterfall. Guides are available in Girnur. It is advised that you take a guide or a local villager with you as the forests here are dense.

Kadam Dam - Kadam Reservoir Project

Dams in Adilabad

Also known as Kadam Reservoir Project, Kadam dam has been constructed on Kadam river in Peddur village (Adilabad district). This is also the place where river Godavari merges with Kadam river (tributary to river Godavari) Kadam dam is located 40 kms. from Nirmal, towards Manchereal. Constructed between 1949 and 1964, the dam aids in irrigation in Adilabad disrict, along with Saraswati canal and Sriram sagar project. The Kadam reservoir serves Mandals such as Dandepally, Jannaram, Luxettipet, Myadarpet and Tallapalli.

Accommodation for tourists is available in Adilabad. Start early in the morning so that you can return before 6.00P.M. in the evening to avoid the dark and dense forests.

Pochera Waterfall

Pochera waterfall is quite wide and deep and it is a good idea to be accompanied by a local villager. The Pochera Waterfall has been discovered recently and is located inside deep, dense forests which is generally a secluded area and not much safe to venture alone.

Tourist attractions in Adilabad

Distance of Pochera Waterfall from Nearby Cities

  • Nirmal: 37 kms.
  • Adilabad: 47 kms.
  • Boath: 7 kms.

However, you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall even from a safe distance! The sight of gushing water of Godavari river falling down the Sahayadri mountain range, from a height of 20 m, makes for a rare yet wonderful experience. You can hear the sound of the flowing water hitting against big, hard rocks.

Waterfalls not only add zing to our holiday tours but also teach us a few spiritual qualities such as going with the flow of life, letting our cares fall away, creating our own music, staying active and making a splash! So, go ahead and visit a few waterfalls whenever you visit Adilabad.

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